Unilever is committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and increasing their energy efficiency. It currently uses the latest and most cost-effective technological advancements in renewable energy to power one-third of all its manufacturing sites. Goal: In 2010, Unilever launched its Sustainability Living Plan and pledged to help more than one billion people improve their Read more about Unilever[…]


Lego is dedicated to energy efficiency and leaving a positive impact on the planet. This is why it turned to wind energy: to support a better future for its young customers and because investing in renewables benefits its business. Goal: Lego has a goal of producing more renewable energy than the energy it consumes by Read more about Lego[…]


Google has been carbon neutral since 2007 and already powers 35% of its operations through long term power purchase agreements (PPAs) mostly from wind energy because of its competitiveness, ethical impact and business sensibility. Goal: Google’s has a goal of eventually becoming 100% renewable and reducing its carbon footprint to zero. How: To date, Google Read more about Google[…]


IKEA Group isn’t holding back when it comes to sustainability. With its People & Positive strategy, IKEA is going “all-in” with a goal of being completely energy independent by 2020. It currently owns and operates 314 offsite wind turbines in nine countries. Goal: IKEA wants to make sure its business growth is sustainable by using Read more about IKEA[…]


Aveda is a pioneer in the revolution of environmental responsibility in beauty as it not only powers the entire company with 100% wind energy, but also funds projects, schools and technologies to advance the wind industry. Goal: Aveda already powers its manufacturing facility in Minnesota, its primary headquarters, its institute in Minneapolis, and the Aveda-owned Read more about Aveda[…]