Celebrate Global Wind Day this year by sharing how much you love #WorkingInWind!

Join our #WorkingInWind campaign to raise awareness about all the different jobs there are in the wind sector. Our goal is to show the range of roles and job profiles there are and to share what great experiences we have had on our career journeys. Because the focus will be on education, skills and careers the #WorkingInWind campaign will run exclusively on LinkedIn.

Steps to join the campaign

1) Create a new LinkedIn post

Copy & Paste the text below into a new LinkedIn post:

Happy #GlobalWindDay! Today, I want to share what makes working in the wind industry so special to me.

Share your story here: Some fun, inspirational or interesting experiences you have had working in the wind sector.

For Global Wind Day – I nominate @Axelle, @Betty and @Cathy to:
– Upload their photos.
– Share their stories.
– Nominate their friends to join the campaign!

See step-by-step instructions here: http://globalwindday.org/workinginwind
#GlobalWindDay #WorkingInWind

2) Edit the text and add your story

After you have copied & pasted the text above into LinkedIn, it’s time to edit the parts in yellow.

Why not talk about an amazing experience you’ve had thanks to your wind career? Or about the great people you have met along the way? Or tell us what the coolest perks about your job are?

3) Tag your colleagues

Next, it’s time to edit the parts in green. Tag at least three people you know who work in wind and have interesting stories to share.
(For those of you who don’t know how: you do this by typing “@”, followed by their names, then clicking on the account you want to tag).


4) Upload photo

Add a selfie or photo of yourself (or group of colleagues) at work to the post – ideally doing something cool!

If you see the following preview, click the “X” icon to close it:


Click on the “Add media” icon, and then select your image.



5) Check and post!

You should now have something that looks like this screenshot below. Once you have double-checked all the details and are happy with it – click on the “Post” button and share it with the world!


6) Check out other people’s stories

Everyone’s stories will appear under the hashtag #WorkingInWind. Click on the button below to see what other people have shared.

WindEurope will select and share the best photos on their LinkedIn account on Global Wind Day!

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