Does the wind industry depend on subsidies?

Although electricity produced by wind is supported by governments, oil, gas, coal and nuclear all receive subsidies, and, despite having been subsidised for more than 50 years, continue to get substantially more than wind.

The International Energy Agency’s 2011 World Energy Outlook shows that in 2010, renewables got just $1 for every $6-7 given by governments to fossil fuels.

Using the Fossil Fuel Subsidies data documented in the OECDs 2011 report “Inventory of estimated budgetary support and tax expenditures for fossil fuels”  we can see that fossil fuels are receiving seven times the level of subsidies of renewable energy.

The IEA goes forecasts that government support for renewables will increase to $250 billion in 2035. That is still – a quarter of a century in the future – less than two-thirds of the sum being doled out to fossil fuels today. The UK has now set aside £54bn for decommissioning its nuclear power stations – enough to pay for wind turbines to produce 40 percent of UK’s power demand