Wind Vision Photo Competition Winners

Local Impact

“An Indian farmer working in his field next to a Wind turbine in Dhar. picture taken in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh state of India.”

Chetan Soni



“Wind turbine is a kind of energy source, which generates energy without harming environment, it works in silence. From a photographer’s perspective these wind turbines always attracts me, they continuously works in every season, its surrounding view keep changes whether black clouds in monsoon or blue sky in summer these wind turbines always looks beautiful. I love to shoot people and their daily life activities who lives and works around it.”






Visionary Wind

“A storm is approaching the Balko windfarm in Oklahoma right in the moment of sunset.”


Klaus Rockenbauer



“I’m interested in wind energy since I have seen the first turbine when I was a 8 year old boy. This was the moment when I knew, that’s my future. Now I’m working as a technician on wind turbines and I’m in wind business since 8 years now. Wind turbines are still my big interest. I’m a hobby photographer in wind energy since 13 years now, travelling a lot nearly around the globe to take great photos of wind farms and wind turbines. (you can see more on www.flickr.com/photos/rockenbauer)”





Boosting Economies

“Like spidermen, two windfarm technicians working with ropes routinely checking blades of a wind turbine high above and free from giddiness. Lindenberg near Berlin, Brandenburg, Federal Republic of Germany. 23rd of March 2017.”


Paul Langrock



“As a freelance photographer I´m specialised in renewable energies since more than 15 years – and it is always impressive to watch these guys, working on rope high above and absolutely without any fear of giddiness, through my camera, as I said “like spidermen”! But in the future they will try hard working on a competitive basis – drone photography certainly will substitute one or another part of their fearless jobs…!”