Future Wind Photo Competition Winners

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Working in Wind

“Precision-work 84 meter above the ground: Mechanic Yoann Chabot from the Enercon assembling team guides the crane driver at the positioning of the generator in front of the nacelle of an E-82 wind turbine in Montagne Ardechoise wind farm in the Massif Central in France. About 70 tons of cast iron  steel and copper move toward the nacelle slow and controlled until the bolts on the generator meet the holes on the nacelle. Every uncontrolled hit could course serious damages. So  as so often in live  the success of the process depends on good communication.”

Winner: Jan Oelker, Germany

“I was excited by wind energy since my first photo assignment on this topic when I photographed the first Wind farm in Saxony/Germany in 1992. Even if this first small wind turbines seemed to be just symbolic signs for solving the huge environmental damages due to excessive coal mining in East Germany, they were a first step for clean energy in my home area.

So I attended the development of wind energy with my camera and photographed for several journals, book projects and companies in more than 25 countries. And it’s amazing to see how from the first tiny steps of some pioneers grows this huge worldwide industry.”





Beautiful Wind

“Generating electricity day and night  the turbines stand tall against the elements of wind and wave. Taken at sunrise  the turbines generating electricity whilst most people were still in bed.”


Winner: Nathan Atkinson, United Kingdom

“I’ve been fascinated with the increased use in wind energy in the past few decades including the technological improvements which have boosted energy output. It’s interesting to see the increase in the amount of  electricity being provided by wind turbines here in the UK. From a photographic point of view, wind turbines are very majestic in their movement and I personally enjoy taking pictures of them in a variety of landscapes to show how we have changed land usage over the years.”






People and Wind

“A group of children are engrossed in playing soccer around the Bayu power plant  the wind power plant is not harmful to children and is friendly to the environment”

Winner: Farida Aryani, Indonesia









Beyond Wind

“The vision of DOB-Academy is “Empowering Engineering Excellence”. Their goal is to provide a challenging education to the offshore energy industry to accelerate the energy transition by making their material available to an even wider audience. DOB-Academy engages with primary schools to teach technology sessions. During these interactive sessions in their own laboratory  the youth will become acquainted with the importance of (offshore) wind energy in a playful yet educational manner. This way DOB-Academy hopes to motivate the youth of today to become the engineers of the future.”

Winner: Maartje Rempt, Netherlands

“I like to tell stories with my photography and I believe that the development within wind energy is a story worth telling. There is already a lot of knowledge on wind energy, but it is also important that this knowledge is shared. I believe it’s important to involve the next generation at an early age and teach them the importance of wind energy. No better way than experiencing the technology hands-on!”







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